Private Chefing

A few years ago I wrote a story about a women’s retreat – www.harem-escape.comin Marrakech. The chef at the time was planning all the menus around Chinese Food Therapy as part of a rejuvenation process that worked on physical and emotional needs. I started researching the subject and when the opportunity presented itself to do some cooking there I jumped at the opportunity. Chinese food therapy uses ingredients to stimulate the internal organs and consequently the emotions. It’s not a boot camp. The food is light and healthy, but it is also richly satisfying in exotic Moroccan flavours and so easy to adapt to many of the cuisines of this world.

Please contact me for information about any private chefing/catering needs and for information on occasional cookery courses based on Chinese Food Therapy in Morocco.

‘Some favourite dishes from Harem Escape, Marrakech’