Welcome to my world!

I was told I should write a blog for the launch of my new website and blog, but I don’t really have much to say about it other than, hello, this is me. And to say thank you to Toby Martin of FixSer.com who created it. Technology is not my comfort zone.

I’m a bic biro and a lined note pad kind of a girl, but Toby has made it possible for me to have a blog that a) I can actually remember the name of and access, and b) write in from time to time. Its focus will be on great places, fine food and drink, and recipes I’ve either gleaned from other people or made up along the way. I hope it will be inspiring, thoughtful and at times even useful to those who take the trouble to read it.  To all of you that do may I say thank you in advance, and welcome to my first post!